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Residential Panel Inspection

Residential Panel

Your homes electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system, and should be inspected, maintained and updated. Over time your panel can become a danger to the safety of your home due to erosion, poor connections and overloaded circuits. Manufacturers of electrical panels recommend that they be tested yearly to make sure all the connections are secure and free from moister or dust. If you have an overhead electrical service, moister can enter the panel from the incoming power cables that have cracked over years of exposure to the weather. To help prevent moisture from entering the panel, duck seal can be applied to the entrance of your panel as well as the entrance to and from the meter. It is also good practice to always keep your panel doors closed to prevent dust from entering the panel. The breakers in your panel will also need to be tested. Some of the older manufacturers of panels and breakers are no longer in production and have known issues of not tripping when overloaded or not interrupting the power to your circuit when switched to the off position. For your peace of mind and safety, make sure you call Donily Electric for a comprehensive inspection of your electrical panel.

What's involved in your panel inspection.
  • Inspect wire size and amperage with respect to breaker
  • Check proper system grounding electrode
  • Tighten all panel connections to specified torque
  • Test for correct line voltage
  • Inspect overhead connections and cable integrity
  • Inspection and removal of dust and debris
  • Test for condensation and moisture build up
  • Inspect panel bus bars for signs of excessive heat damage
  • Inspect and test GFCI
  • Insure proper identification of electrical circuits

Benefits from regular maintenance of your home electrical panel
  • Peace of mind.
  • Reduce the risk of unforeseen damage to your home
  • Save Utility costs
  • Increase the life expectancy of your electrical equipment

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