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Smoke Dectectors

Smoke Alarm

The BC Building Code now requires that smoke alarms be installed in areas where people sleep. Most fire-related deaths are a result of inhaled smoke. When your smoke alarm beeps, first get everyone out of the premises. When everyone is safely out of harm's way, call 9-1-1 to report the fire. If you are purchasing a new smoke alarm, always choose a unit with the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada approved seal.

After you have chosen the appropriate smoke detector, it is important to install one on every level of your home, including basements. We recommend installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom or sleeping area. If you have persons with a hearing impairment in your home, there are options available that include flashing lights or vibrating alerts. Smoke alarms in homes are hard-wired to the electrical system and will need to have a battery installed in every smoke detector. After your smoke alarms have been installed, make sure there is a plan for the maintenance of your new smoke alarms. It is recommended to vacuum your smoke alarms every six months, test them once a month and replace the batteries every year. Make sure the smoke alarms are replaced according to the manufactures instructions. For the installation of your smoke detectors, call your Burnaby Electrician at 604.996.2275 - Donily Electric "Your Best Connection"